About us

About Inmate

Inmate Skateboarding emerged from humble beginnings inside a garage, where Tyler Feast and Christian Quintana embarked on an unexpected journey. With Christian grounded and seeking ways to pass the time, the duo began brainstorming ideas, eventually hitting upon the notion of starting a T-shirt company. What began as a mere pastime quickly turned into a passionate pursuit. Overcoming numerous trials and errors, Tyler and Christian poured their energy into creating captivating designs, tirelessly working to perfect their craft. With determination and resilience, they transformed their initial concept into a reality, producing a range of shirts and other apparel that captured the essence of skateboarding culture. Inmate Skateboarding stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment and the transformative power of turning a simple idea into something remarkable.

The First Logo

The first-ever logo of Inmate Skateboarding was a masterpiece crafted by the company's founder, Tyler Feast. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the logo featured a square shape where each letter of the brand name seamlessly interlocked, creating a compact and sleek visual identity. This innovative approach not only showcased Tyler's artistic talent but also represented the unity and interconnectedness within the skateboarding community. The logo's clean lines and thoughtful composition conveyed a sense of sophistication while maintaining the brand's rebellious spirit. It served as a symbol of Inmate Skateboarding's dedication to blending style and creativity, leaving a lasting impression on skateboarders and enthusiasts alike.